Olivia BuerkiRan Cory

Janina HausladenZana Kontomanoli

Hava Kohl-Riggs

Liraz Lasry

Carole and Jim Payne

Jean Polyzoides

Tobias Riedle

Alexander Seibt
Constantin Seibt

Antonis Vourexakis






Zana Kontomanoli was the very first.

And all that open minded and friendly persons.



Roselore & Volker Hentig

B. & Ch. Brölsch
Aviva Pardo

Kathrin Schallenberg

Jane Schwake

Christopher Stockdale

Dieter Mackinger

Ulrike Pleyer

Bernhard & Christine Glöggler-Billmann

Brigitte Brölsch

Myrto Derlere

Janet Alibrandis

Reiner Schneeberger

Lauren Linowitz

Douglas Beliakoff

Halvor Ellefsen

Simone Lippuner

Rachel Elan

Tsivi Gafni

Yvonne Magee

Iris Loy

Liraz Lasry

Antonis Vourexakis

Mathias Valentin

Margit Reiter

Lauren Linowitz



Charlotte Carlin

Lisa Störkmann

Stacey Tessis

Iris Papathanasiou

Marta Nagy

Rosie Grant

Elsa Campbell

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Hava Kohl-Riggs

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Herbert & Stefanie Husi-Giessmann



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Igor Arbanas

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Rob van der Most

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Iris Miru

Ulrike Pleyer

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Leslie Perez

Carole and Jim Payne

Binnie A Dansby

Bianca Moser

Wolfgang Geigenberger

Ruth Bloch

Nan Cognac - Pitre

Jutta Wilms

Lucio Manferini

Carolin Plewa

Alexander Seibt

M. Reiter

Rosemarie Richter

Iris Franke

Jane Edwards
Claire & Ghislain Borrelly


We successfully demonstrated that we accomplish our commitments, with our last annual project “365 Paintings for Hope”.


Heidi is an amazing manager when at the same time she's in fact doing the work of an efficient team, tireless at problem solving, very experienced in data processing, controlling everything that confronts us on the net, bringing the necessary overview, and the heartfelt contact with all participants, radiant running gag with an orange hat and capable of handling anything else what my arise. 


Peter just turned 80 years old. At the perfect age to accomplish an artistic project that has never been done before. Pablo Picasso was once asked how he could afford to do so much work at his late age. "I'm recuperating while I'm painting." That's exactly what Peter is doing.


That's what they say:

"All 365 paintings in our first project were potential income. We gave them all away, and did not regret it for a moment. We were delighted to do it every single time, and it only got even better: it made us happy. And we would like to share our joy of giving with everybody who will take part in our "HOPE & GIVE" project."