Lisa Stoerkmann from Switzerland, winner #6

Lisa Stoerkmann with her painting, created from her hope:

"I hope that a lot of good moments will change us more than the time."


The second painting Lisa gives to her friend Sandra Rüegg.

"I was really happy about the two Hope and Give Paintings and I like them very much. Sandra Rüegg is my best friend here in Basel, Shiatsu therapist. With her I share a lot of life and hope. "

A short video from the handing over:

Michael Hudson-Davies gave his second painting to Anmarie and Jacques Visser from South Africa.

Anmarie and Jacques Visser were neighbours with Michael in Dubai. They are good friends for many years and share their passion for sailing.

"They are great hope people and generous "givers" ".


This was when we presented the two paintings to Michael.

Theodoros Sarigkioli from Greece, winner #26

Theodoros Sarigkioli:
"Thank you for your wonderful paintings...they really coloured up our lives!!
The first one immediately found its place to my home..the second one was given to a good friend and colleague of mine, who informed me for your project. Wish you all the best, Theodoros."


Theodoro´s hope he sent us:

"Hope the rainbow comes out after rain to colour up our lives again."




Ghislain Borrelly from France, winner #30

We had the pleasure to handle over the two paintings to Ghislain Borrelly here in the studio in Paros. He came for a visit, together with his wife Claire and their daughter Isaure.  
Some days later he gave his second painting to a good friend: Giorgos Kavallis.
The two paintings are inspired by Ghislain´s hope:
"For a clean earth where everybody has respect from one to each other."

Franziska Blind, winner #38, Marius Thewes, winner #37 and Markus Thewes, winner #43, all from Germany, received their paintings together.

Franziska with her hope
"I hope, that in the future every person will have the same opportunities and possibilities, no matter from which country or social class they are, what sex they are or what skin color they have. Because we are all the same. "
gave her second painting to her twin sister Steffi.
Marius with his hope:
"My hope is, that people will understand, that they should look at what they have in common, instead of looking at the differences. We all are living, we all have similar problems and needs and we all want to make the best of our limited time."
gave his second painting to his sister Elisa.
And Markus with his hope
"I hope that my children still can live in a society where the majority still favors reason and rationality, knowing that our world is fundamentally complex, instead of choosing to be governed by demagogic soapbox orators who pretend to sell quick and easy solutions."


gave his second painting to his wife Barbara:

"Barbara is my wife, my best friend, my stimulus, my corrective, my love, we hope happy and healthy to grow old together."


Wow! we wish you all the best.


Ines Hughes, Alabama USA, winner # 18

"I have chosen Jess Goggans from Fort Payne, Alabama to be the one who should have the other painting.  It got her attention and she really liked the idea of the whole project.
Her coming from a very artistic family and being a musician herself couldn't have been a better choice.
My painting is moving around the house until it finds its perfect place to settle down :-)
Thank you so much for this ! - Ines


Ines hope:

"I hope that awareness will overpower comfort. "


Denise Birt-Romita, USA, winner # 35

"I presented the second painting to a very dear friend of mine who lives across the street from me, her name is Colleen and she specializes in Clinical Social Work and Individual/Family Therapy. When I gave her the painting she could not believe the beauty and the meaning behind it.
It was done in what are her favorite colors and ironically enough was very similar to a photography project I had done for one of her best friends.
My photograph and Peter's painting are the very same color scheme!!!
Colleen and I have a very special connection as friends and our hopes are in continuing that friendship for many many years to come with the positivity and strength, hope and success of paying it forward.
I personally and proudly display Peter's painting in my home where it brings me great joy. I thank you both as does Colleen for including us in this very special and meaningful experience. - Denise"


The two paintings are inspired by the hope Denise sent us:

"My Hope: To one day wake, to see a peaceful and pain-free reflection of our world's soul and healing for those who suffer within it." 


Denise Birt-Romita is a professional photographer. Here you can see more of her work.

Paul Boesch, Switzerland, winner # 34

Paul Boesch sends us greetings from the snowy Toggenburg in Switzerland. His hope he has sent us and the two paintings are inspired by:

"I hope solar-power will increase, and we get away from mineral oil. That's my goal for the moment!"


His friend Brigitta received the second painting.



Maja Nenadovic from Croatia, winner # 27

Maja is giving her second painting to her beloved grandmother. She recently celebrated her 90th birthday. Watch the complete video here on facebook.


Maja´s hope is:

"Dissolution of all dichotomies, us versus them, nationalism, racism." 


Rosmarie Schallenberg from Switzerland, winner # 14

Rosmarie had the chance to take a vacation on Paros and had the opportunity to pick up her paintings.

Rosmarie´s second painting is for her good friend Edith, to make her courage and strength.


And this is the hope Rosmarie sent us and the paintings are inspired by:

"I hope that the good is always stronger than evil and that people respect each other." 


Karin Ochenbauer in Austria, winner # 18

"...My painting is the right one in the foto – now it´s in my bedroom, and every morning when I wake up I look at it and think: yes, life is like a wave, with it´s ups and downs, always moving, always changing. I love the colours of my painting, this strong red with the yellow, which I interpret as the light/sun my life is guided.
The foto was taken in my friends Angelikas apartement the day when I received the parcel. As you see, she likes the colour red too. Her sun is on the horizon, rising or setting, always there and present.
Heidi and Peter, thanks again for this wonderful project, I love „my“ painting, I´m grateful for it and will always appreciate it.
All the best from Austria
Karin "


Karin´s hope:

"My hope is, that many people find peace and happiness within themselves, to share it with others and spread it around the world."


Cheryl Stachowski, USA, winner # 44

Dr. Jeffrey Charnov is my angel and my friend. He is a very caring Dr. to me and his other patients. He takes his time with each of us that have chronic pain. We are blessed to have each other.


Cheryl´s hope:

"I hope for kindness to one another and to give without expecting anything back-just make someones day special, just for them and show them that you care."


Wolfgang Bahr in Germany, winner # 24

Wolfgang and his wife Sylvia picked up his paintings by a visit in our studio during their holidays in Greece. The second painting gave Wolfgang to a very close friend of them, Kerstin in Saxony.


Wolfgangs hope:

"I hope for the serenity of the tiger and to jump at the right moment."


Iris Franke in Greece, winner # 29

Iris Franke from Greece, winner # 29, came to the studio with her husband Michael and some friends. Also she brought her friend Alexandra Senfft, who just published her new book, "Der lange Schatten der Täter." Iris is giving her second painting to her.


This is the hope Iris sent us and the paintings are inspired by:

"I hope that all hearts of those people which live in peace and wealth will be open for changing the face of the world to give life in peace and hope for all."

Rosemarie Richter in Naxos, Greece, winner # 9

Rosemarie Richter, living in Naxos, Greece, sent us this hope:

"I hope from the bottom of my heart that humans understand, love is the only way to make our world better!"


Rosemarie gave her second painting to her friend Ulla. By the little ceremony they toasted with a glass of champagne and expressed the hope that they can enjoy their friendship for many, many years! - All the best!


Douglas Beliakoff from Summerville in Georgia/USA winner # 12

Douglas Beliakoff gave his second painting to his friend Rick DeBerry with following comment "This friend of mine has one the of the kindest hearts that I know. He is always helping others in times of need, spending time with family, strengthening friendships, and donating his time, efforts and resources to his community.  I think you would be pleased with my choice to share your painting with him."


And this is the hope Douglas sent us and the paintings are inspired by:

"My hope is for a better understanding and expression of unconditional love. Of each other, and of the earth."


Christoph Broelsch from Germany and his granddaughter Carla, winner # 28

Christoph Broelsch from Germany, sent us this hope:

"I hope that one day God's curse falls on the flats of the violent and the houses of the righteous will be blessed."


His second painting he gave to his grandchild Carla. (Here together with her brother and parents.)

Astrid Theile from Greece, winner # 2

Astrid Theile from Greece is winner #2 with her hope:

"The future scares me. I hope my daughters will grow up fear- and scareless. I hope they will be strong and selfmature enough to face the worlds evil. I hope they will be always happy!"


Her second painting she gave to her friend Henriette in Berlin.

Ragnhild "Irene" Meijer from Norway, winner # 8

Ragnhild "Irene" Meijer from Norway receives her two paintings, inspired by her hope:


"I hope for a better world, that it can be peace on earth.
I hope we all can use less, so it will be enough for everybody."


 Ragnhild gave her second painting to her friend Petra Kampmann.

Wolfgang Geigenberger from Austria, winner # 4

Wolfgang Geigenberger, Hope & Give, winner no.

Wolfgang Geigenberger is giving his second painting to Sonja Cortés.


These two paintings are inspired by Wolfgangs hope:


"My hope, expressed in a haiku: growing and maturing. Respect, sharing and exchanging. Being serene."


...went to Janet Alibrandis in the United States. Her hope is:

"For peace in each of us and peace in the world. We must never give up and always have hope for peace."


"I received the beautiful paintings a few days after my return. What a great surprise.

V. took a picture of me opening the package. Then i took a picture of the act of giving the second painting to my friend Denise. We are grateful for the hope and joy your project brings to us and to the world. We can make a difference. Thanks so much...