Remember the rules of this Social Sculpture: A painting inspired by the specific hope - this time of Astrid Theile-Papanikolaou.
This is the painting Astrid gets to keep so that she do not lose sight of here hope:
"The future scares me. I hope my daughters will grow up fear- and scareless. I hope they will be strong and selfmature enough to face the worlds evil. I hope they will be always happy! "

Congratulations again, Astrid and thank you for joining the project and sharing your hopes.

The second painting is the artist C.P. Seibt’s response to Astrid´s hope. This is the painting Astrid gets to give to someone with whom she wants to share her hope. Because a hope that is shared can be realized more easily.

We hope that Astrid will have a substantial time with the other human being, sharing their hopes and whatever comes up. And that we'll get a small report of and a few photos and/or videos.

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