lottery 8


Today we had the eighth lottery for HOPE & GIVE with 19 applicants in the hat. The winner is Ragnhild Irene Meijer from Norway with her hope:

"I hope for a better world, that it can be peace on earth. I hope we all can use less, so it will be enough for everybody."

Congrats Irene!


 We will send a few questions to Irene.

After her reply Peter will start creating the two paintings:

one most individual for her, which will be a creative interpretation of her hope incorporating her answers to our questions

and another one, which will be Peter´s comment to her hope, so to say.


The first painting is for Irene herself to keep and the second painting will be given away by Irene to someone she wants to communicate with about their hopes..


All the other charming applicants remain in the hat (see the list of all below)

and the next lottery will take place next Monday - whenever Monday will be :).

Please be so kind to spread the word.

Thank you so much!


Applicants, in green are the happy winners until now

Wolfgang Bahr, Rosemarie Richter, Janet Alibrandis, Iris Franke, Jane Edwards, Astrid Julies, Reiner Schneeberger, Thodoris Sarigkiolis, Douglas Beliakoff, Astrid Theile-Papanikolaou, Kathryn Robinson, Liam Archbold, Ghislain Borrelly, Wolfgang Geigenberger, Marijana Kravos, Ines Hughes, Irene Meijer, Anat Halevy, Rosmarie Schallenberg, Nawar Bunni, Ben Jenner, Kat Salimi, Christoph Broelsch, Lisa Stoerkmann, Tabitha Pearson, Christa Keleher

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