beauty without scalpel

Isn't it somehow amusing?

Almost everything that a man does not like about his body can be corrected. This is called beauty surgery. And costs money. Some money. A person, say, a modern man who is not happy with his face, his belly and his backside, has to invest 12.000 USD and morefor his  first-class surgeons.

Do you know what this means?

To finance HOPE & GIVE we only need 7 people who say: All right, I'll do the beauty surgery until next year. And this year I invest in this project. And create hope. And art. And joy. And beauty. And that I do now.

And he makes it. And suddenly, quite without a scalpel, his mind is beautiful. And sexy! And his body too.

PS: Do you know someone who desperately needs all that beauty? Please send him or her to our crowd funding at Indiegogo

PPS: Also works with very little wrinkles somewhere.

PPPS: Also for women. True.

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