September 15, 2015: “Hope & GIVE” begins.

This is the story of 49 people who will receive a free painting of their hope. The painting is inspired by their specific hope, just for them, created by the artist C.P.Seibt. And they get a second painting to give to someone with whom they want to share their hope.

A gift from us and so far 112 generous people who have contributed by crowdfunding to the costs.

This art project of 98 paintings is a “social sculpture”. It will brighten lives by bringing joy instead of cynicism, replacing despair with hope and focusing on the spirit of giving.

We donate all these paintings. And a year of our life.

If you join us, together we will change lives. Every day. For a whole year.

We are Heidi und Peter Seibt.

How do you get a painting of your hope?

It's easy:


Send us your application, see  "Yes, My APPLICATION".



We reply immediately how to proceed.



Everything is free.

(The ongoing crowdfunding is completely separate and voluntarily.)


Everything is free. The individual painting for you. The second painting that you are giving away to a person with whom you want to share hope.

Do you wish to sponsor our project, on a strictly voluntary basis?

How wonderful! Please read on here:


How the project "Hope & Give" works:


  • People from all over the world write to us about what they hope for – a few simple lines on a questionnaire are all we need.

  • The sender then needs a little luck. A draw will pick the winner who will receive two free pictures painted especially for them.

  • The first picture is for them: A painting inspired by their specific hope. This is the picture they get to keep so that they do not lose sight of their hope.

  • The second picture is the artist C.P. Seibt’s response to the winner’s hope. This is the painting they get to give to someone with whom they want to share their hope. Because a hope that is shared can be realized more easily.

  • All paintings will be 16x16 in, 40x40 cm.

  • If you wish to follow the ongoing project, a video of the actual raffle and of Peter, working to make the two relevant paintings, will be posted online.

  • The project will run for one year. 365 days through, without any breaks, not even over Christmas. At the end, 730 paintings will have been distributed across the planet. To give 730 people a more brighter, stronger, happier view of the future.

  • Our contribution to this project: One year of our life. We are: Heidi Seibt, the project manager. C.P. Seibt, the artist.

  • Everything is free for all participants. However, in order to help cover the costs for materials, colours, canvasses, packaging and shipping, logisitics, and digital services, we have set-up a crowdfunding campaign. So far, this fund has covered the costs of 96 paintings. For all the others, we continue to collect. And in return for your support, you will also receive a painting (More about this see here by "crowdfunding").


That´s it.

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